It’s The Beeeeest Dayyyyy Eeeverrrrrr

I hope you read that title in a Spongebob voice. Lie to me if you didn’t, because otherwise I’ll be really disappointed. Anyway, today was the day we got to see the Sydney Opera House! This was one of the weekend excursions I was most excited about, and it absolutely lived up to, or maybe even exceeded my expectations. To start out, our phenomenal tour … Continue reading It’s The Beeeeest Dayyyyy Eeeverrrrrr

15 Minutes Late & $35 Short

Living right next door to a the Wollongong Botanic Garden has its perks. There are beautiful (but horribly loud) cockatoos and small rainbow birds fluttering around everywhere, the view from my window is awesome, and in two minutes, I can be surrounded by palm trees and rose blooms. But, when adventuring in a new place, I highly recommend knowing the hours of operation… After enjoying the … Continue reading 15 Minutes Late & $35 Short

Horsing Around

First day of lessons down! Today Elizabeth and I were champions because we coded students for our research project AND taught a lesson. The kids are getting more comfortable with us every day, which makes teaching them a lot easier and more fun! We had them galloping to take their horses for rides and throwing “food” into the horse’s troughs without them even realizing they were … Continue reading Horsing Around

First Day of School!

Today was the day! Our first day breaking off into small groups to visit the preschool centers! Woohoo! (Kara told us we have to have lots of energy to work with preschoolers, so that’s what I’m going for here.) My super cool compañera for the month, Elizabeth, and I had the good fortune of being assigned to Boombalee Kidz: the furthest walk, but the coolest … Continue reading First Day of School!

Rebecca’s Strange Interests (cont.)

Believe it or not, my interests do stem beyond grocery shopping to things like ice cream and dogs and hiking through the woods for hours, all of which I’m sure will be covered in later posts. For now, I’m diving into my love of children’s museums. On our first day of “class,” we were able to tour the Early Start Research Institute’s Discovery Space, and … Continue reading Rebecca’s Strange Interests (cont.)

Confessions of a (Grocery) Shopaholic

Have you ever seen the tweet that says, “Whenever a person from Michigan dies, they respawn at the nearest Meijer?” I retweet it every time. Ask any of my friends from school about how much I love Meijer and they’ll tell you crazy things like that I go there almost every day just for fun. And they would be completely correct. Basically my love for … Continue reading Confessions of a (Grocery) Shopaholic