Confessions of a (Grocery) Shopaholic

Have you ever seen the tweet that says, “Whenever a person from Michigan dies, they respawn at the nearest Meijer?” I retweet it every time. Ask any of my friends from school about how much I love Meijer and they’ll tell you crazy things like that I go there almost every day just for fun. And they would be completely correct. Basically my love for grocery shopping is surpassed only by my love for eating, which works out pretty well honestly. So naturally, the morning after arriving in Wollongong, I went grocery shopping.

Now, unfortunately, Meijer is just a Midwest US thing, so I had to find a new haunt. Enter Coles, a lovely little grocery full of exciting new Australian foods. While perusing every aisle, I noticed that a lot of brands logos looked like the American ones I knew and loved, just with different names (e.g. Rice Bubbles vs Rice Krispies & Smith’s vs Lay’s Potato Chips). I also noticed that a lot of the foods were familiar, but had very different names (e.g. Capsicum vs Pepper or Hundreds n Thousands vs Sprinkles). And of course I found awesome new foods like Tim Tams (basically two layers of cookie with a myriad of fillings, usually dipped in chocolate) and several different kinds/colors of kiwi fruit (whatttt???). All in all, I was very pleased with my abroad grocery shopping experience, apart from the cost. Living (read: eating) in Australia is going to be an expensive adventure. But so worth it.


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