Horsing Around

First day of lessons down! Today Elizabeth and I were champions because we coded students for our research project AND taught a lesson. The kids are getting more comfortable with us every day, which makes teaching them a lot easier and more fun! We had them galloping to take their horses for rides and throwing “food” into the horse’s troughs without them even realizing they were learning- devious, but in a beneficial way you could say?

Coming into this trip, I was excited to work with kids since I’m used to babysitting, refereeing youth soccer, helping lead vacation bible school, and things along those lines, but I was also pretty nervous to be totally in charge of teaching them. Luckily, we really do have a great group of kids who are super excited to hang out with Elizabeth and I and that love to show off their skills, so they make it pretty easy. Along with help from Kara and the centre’s teachers, our first day actually went really well, even though it felt like complete chaos in the moment. I suppose chaos is just part of the nature of working with preschoolers.

After today, I’m really looking forward to continuing to work wth Elizabeth to get our Boombalee Kidz in tip-top shape within the next two weeks! Also I can now confirm that it does indeed take a lot of energy to work with this age group, and I definitely need a nap after my first day with them.


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