Rebecca’s Strange Interests (cont.)

Believe it or not, my interests do stem beyond grocery shopping to things like ice cream and dogs and hiking through the woods for hours, all of which I’m sure will be covered in later posts. For now, I’m diving into my love of children’s museums. On our first day of “class,” we were able to tour the Early Start Research Institute’s Discovery Space, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Complete with a (fake) grocery store, giant Lite-Brite, and even a model digestive tract, there was no shortage of learning (and photo) opportunities here. Basically I love children’s museums because I’m a nerd and I think it’s awesome that they make learning fun for kids. Which is a big part of what this whole trip is about actually: finding ways to make learning motor skills fun instead of boring like homework. (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that on here, but there’s only one way to find out.) Pretending to be a kid for a little bit definitely got me in the right mindset to start thinking about teaching my preschoolers all about hopping like pros (so, so much harder than you think, but I’m getting ahead of myself), and has me super excited to get into the preschools and start working with the kiddos!

Also important to note: we played two truths and a lie today, and this also did not disappoint. Which was actually surprising because ice-breakers are honestly one of the worst parts of college. Besides the sleep deprivation and never having money because you buy takeout all the time because the sleep deprivation makes you too tired to cook. Vicious cycle. Anywayyyy, with this group, the game was super fun and was the source of many nicknames (such as Kelly Who Can’t Go To Pizza House aka Kelly From Pizza House aka Pizza House).

After another beautiful day in The Gong (cool kid slang for Wollongong), I can’t wait to meet my preschoolers and get to know this rockin’ group more throughout the rest of the month!


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