15 Minutes Late & $35 Short

Living right next door to a the Wollongong Botanic Garden has its perks. There are beautiful (but horribly loud) cockatoos and small rainbow birds fluttering around everywhere, the view from my window is awesome, and in two minutes, I can be surrounded by palm trees and rose blooms. But, when adventuring in a new place, I highly recommend knowing the hours of operation…

After enjoying the rose garden, the aboriginal plant exhibit, and the desert garden, we considered checking out the largest portion of the botanic garden, the rainforest area, but decided against it since it was getting a bit dark (it gets dark here by like 5:30pm- helloooo winter). Little did we know, the garden had actually closed while we were still inside. After a brief moment of panicking, we decided we’d walk around and try to find a shorter part of the fence that we could step over (there had to be one, right?). No such luck. Then we saw a sign that said we could call and pay $35 to have someone come let us out. But we’re college students, so we weren’t about to spend money if we didn’t have to. So we of course realized we would just have to climb over the fence which is about 8ft tall with points on the top. Us ladies kindly let Jason be the first to try it, but when he got to the top, he realized it wouldn’t be possible to get over without impaling himself. Luckily, just as he was hopping down, a man came walking out of the main office and told us the park was closed and we’d have to hop back out. We quickly explained that we had been locked in, and he joked with us about the many times the staff had locked him in (including today), and came over to let us out.

Morals of the story: triple-check the hours of any place you’re visiting; know when your country is in daylight savings time just in case the place has different hours at that time, like the gardens; and remember that panicking doesn’t do you any good and that there’s almost always another way when your plans aren’t working out.

Side note: my phone died almost immediately after arriving, so I only got to take one picture today. #sad



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