Walking in the Bush

On the second day in my preschool, one of the girls asked me what I watch on tv- the news or ABC Kids? Solid options. I told her that I don’t watch either, but that I do like to watch Finding Dory and Frozen (like any real adult). She then asked if I watch the news sometimes, because “it’s important.” I of course lied and said that I do sometimes, because she’s right, it is important. Nothing like having a preschooler tell you that you can’t just watch Disney movies anymore. Despite this unintentional gentle roast, this student still seemed to love today’s lesson- today was Animal Dance Party day! Being the crazy college girl I am (read: I have never been to a frat party in my 3 years at Umich), I was super pumped to have a dance party to celebrate the end of my first week of preschool!

Basically for today, I made a sick playlist full of Disney music, The Wiggles, and songs from Australia’s ABC Kids shows (shoutout to unidentified student for the tip to check this channel out), and then we practiced “sliding like crabs, galloping like horses, and hopping on one foot like a silly kangaroo” as the music played. I got to jam while I gave kids feedback about their locomotor skills. It was basically my ideal set-up. *Side note: Did you know that The Wiggles are Australian? I cannot be the only one who didn’t know that.*

Today was a super fun end to my first week at Boombalee, and after a week of reflecting and altering lesson plans, Elizabeth and I are about to attack next week with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. It’s gonna be great, so stick around to find out how it goes.


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